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Fashion Design | Fashion Merchandising

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My Story

     My name is Grayson McMaster, a '20 something' from The CLE - Cleveland, Ohio and currently residing in Brooklyn, New York! I am a graduate of The Fashion School at Kent State University who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising.

     Art has always been a passion of mine - giving life to something or someone from pencil sketch to canvas, from black and white to full bloom of color and is what feeds my all-out, head-to-toe, day-to-night love of fashion! Having "an eye", a vision, a need to create or style my way into any look also deems me as the “overdresser" for every event with a closet my friends prefer to "shop at" on the daily (or nightly!). 
     Beyond the closet, traveling, eating while traveling - yes, I am a huge foodie! -  and spending time with my family and friends round out my favorite things. I am always creating - whether it’s oil painting or palette painting or sketching or bringing designs to life - it is quite simply who I am and I can't wait to see where it leads me!

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